Soft box Tutorial

This article is about how to make a soft box for product photography. Easy and unexpensive, I will show you in photos the steps to follow. This soft box tutorial is dedicated to product photographers and beauty bloggers creating their own images at home.


01. You need four straws for each side ot the soft box, total 20

02 Attach short to long end

02. Attach short to long end


03. Frame for one side, total 5


04. White fabric, transparent enough


05. Cut the fabric 2-3 cm wider than the square, sew the ends.


06. Sew the 5 square sides of the box to each other


07. Congrats, you have a soft box!


08. For best results to hide the corners, attach one more fabric piece in the centre

My first soft box was made by a cartoon box, where you cut the sides with scissors, leaving only the frame of the box, then attach a white paper – regular A4 or even toilet paper, white tissues etc transparent enough to diffuse the light. It worked but the paper is not as durable as the fabric, this is why I made my second model shown in the present tutorial. Sometimes I use it with studio lights, especially good for jewellery photography. But for blog posts it is enough to place it at the window, against the sun light and just click – voila the results


The winter has come



Bon apetit

Here is my food concept: enjoy raw carrots fresh, eat water, drink your dinner and finally brush your teeth with jam!



Choosing a camera

Everyone want to buy the best and most expensive gear out there, but is it worth? Choosing the right camera type shouldn’t be difficult,  just answer the following questions. I will not mention specific models as technology is fast renewing, but this article may serve you as a guideline. The brand is a personal choice, there is no such thing as Nikon are better than Canon or vice versa.

    1.What type of photographs do I want to take?

– Family photos, tourist snapshots, pets, Facebook photos – in other words photos for your own collection, you will not sell them or print them as posters, then you can use the digital camera on your mobile or buy any Compact Digital Camera (I’ll call it CDC for the rest of this article). And I mean it, for family walks and gathering I usually use my mobile phone and I don’t always carry my DSLR everywhere.

– Sport, fast moving objects, birds, kids playing, fashion shows – for those purposes you need a fast camera, in most cases this would be DSRL, the higher the shutter speed the better. You can also get a Hybrid model. With hybrid models you can’t change lenses, but they have a good focal length coverage (good zoom) and you have more control over the manual settings than with CDC. I’ve seen people trying to take pictures of fashion shows with CDC and they usually get disappointed that by the time the camera clicks the model is already gone down the catwalk. This is because the CDC are slow and are best for still photos.

– product photography, studio portraits, events – DSLR or Hybrid model, according to your budget, both will do the job.

  2. Why do I need the camera? ( for what purpose)

If it’s for your personal archive, family photos, vacations etc, do not spend a lot of money and get a Compact digital camera.

– If you want to sell your photographs (stock photos), print them large, get paid for assignments, work as a photographer, then you should invest in DSLR according to your budget. Start with basic model and upgrade over time. Get a pack: camera with kit lens and don’t hurry to invest in new lenses, the kit lens is good enough for most occasions.

3. What is my budget?

Certainly you have to consider the price range you can afford and don’t go over it. In some cases is better to get a second  hand camera which is better model than new basic model, but be careful and if possible try the camera yourself before buying it.

Read all the information regarding the model of your choice, or otherwise you can end up spending a fortune for the best DSLR on the market and not being able to keep up with the expenses of lenses, memory cards and other accessories: keep in mind that full frame DSLR’s work only with EF lenses. For example if you get Canon 5D you can’t use it with the kit lens from Canon 50D (EF-s lens).  After all, the camera is just a tool and doesn’t make you good or bad photographer, so don’t aim spending much if there is no reason. Or maybe money isn’t an issue for you, but again – if you are going to use the camera on automatic settings,  the hybrid models are good enough, take less space and are lighter in weight.

4. Video – new models DSLR’s have video feature, almost all Compact and hybrid models too. If you have to choose between new expensive model with video or older model without video, again answer the first question, write down on a piece of paper pros and cons and decide. I faced the same issue recently, and since photographs and speed was more important to me than the video, I’ve got the older model (considering my budget). If you occasionally use the video option, you mobile phone will do the job. But if you want to make video reportage, you certainly need a High Definition video.

*I’m a Canon user, this is why I gave those examples.


Meydan rasecourse

 This is where Dubai World Cup 2010 took place.



Emirates Towers




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